Addicted to Serial?

Check Out These 5 Crime Podcasts
5 Feb 2015

Addicted to Serial? Check Out These 5 Crime Podcasts

Thursday mornings just aren’t the same anymore. No more newly released details of the heart-thumping murder case that has America pinned to their podcasts. In case you were living under a rock, or more likely inundated by college finals, the first season of Serial wrapped up just before Christmas. The wildly popular podcast followed the 1999 murder case of 18-year-old Hae Min Lee. Her ex-boyfriend, Adnan Syed, was convicted of strangling her and was sentenced to life in prison. The producers of the praised This American Life podcast created the HBO-like podcast. Serial has been downloaded more than 5 million times and is considered the most popular podcast in the world. It was recently announced there will be a second season of Serial (yay!) but the release date and subject are mums the word. So to get your fix through the long wait, here are five other crime podcasts that Serial fans will love. You’re welcome in advance for making your morning commute awesome.


Criminal Podcast
Criminal centers on true crime stories in a no-nonsense manner. Each episode highlights a different case so you’ll have the whodunit answer by the end of the show. The podcast talks about the criminal justice system and the “stories of people who have done wrong, been wronged, or gotten caught somewhere in the middle,” according to their website. The episodes are between 15-20 minutes long. It’s a relatively new podcast and has received rave reviews on iTunes. Nearly 300 listeners gave it a perfect five stars. The only catch is the podcast is a part-time project by public radio professionals, so there’s only a new episode once each month. The creators are Phoebe Judge, Eric Mennel and Lauren Spohrer with Judge as the host.


Top 5 Crime Podcasts Sword And Scale
Sword and Scale tells nonfiction stories of high-profile cases of unsolved mysteries and serial killers. Host Mike Boudet delves into the dark and grisly side of crime and the mentality of convicted murderers. He even adds the response of the criminal justice system. Reviewers love the sound effects and music that string the well- research stories along. The show was launched January 1, 2014. New episodes are released about each week and run an hour long.


Top 5 Crime Podcasts Generation Why
Unsolved mysteries and conspiracy theories hook in listeners to the Generation Why podcast. Hosts Justin and Aaron explore both high-profile and lesser known stories and of course, talk about the “why” in the crime. Reviewers love the passion and research the hosts put into this podcast. The episodes are released each week and run anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes.


Top 5 Crime Podcasts True Murder
True Murder is a walk through history’s most brutal villains. Host Dan Zupanksy interviews guest authors on their books about infamous crimes such as the Bath Massacre, nurse serial killer Charlie Cullen and the biggest bank heist. The show is chock-full of researched details and in-depth insights that fill an entire book. The episodes are released each week and are about an hour long.


Top 5 Crime Podcasts Here Be Monsters
The Here Be Monsters is not a traditional crime series, but rather a look at the unknown and darker side of the human mind. It’s a community that pursues “their fears and facing the unknown,” according to their website. Established in 2012, the many episodes are a catch-all of topics spanning bizarre nature so listeners are sure to find a subject of interest. Some popular episodes are crow funerals, people who have Prisoner’s Cinema syndrome and equine intelligence. Episodes range from just a few minutes long to 30 minutes are released weekly.

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