8 May 2016

Workout of the Week: BeachBody

It’s summer season and time to rev up your fitness and health! But with so many workout programs on the scene, how do you choose what’s right for you? Especially if you’re trying to get in shape for the police academy. As part of our spotlight series, we’re digging into the hottest workouts and delivering the sweaty info straight to you each week.

Today we’re focused on fitness powerhouse BeachBody. It’s more than a company; it’s a community that connects you to personal coaches cheering you on and likable instructors working out with you every step of the way. Best of all? It’s all condensed workouts you can do at home in between your study and prep time for the academy. Most of the videos are no more than 30 minutes but deliver ab-tastic results in just weeks (along with a healthy diet of course). The energetic programs are truly designed for people with busy lives who still want to put their health first. Now that’s we call bang for your buck.


That’s right, Shaun T is back with Beachbody’s brand new workout. As the creator of Insanity, dubbed the hardest workout put on a DVD, you can expect hardcore results with Cize. It’s a dance workout that targets cardio and tons of fun. Shaun T started his career as a backup dancer for Mariah Carey and incorporates those hip hop chops. You’ll learn full dance routines step-by-step while melting off the pounds. This is great for people new to dance or working out and for those wanting to change up their fitness routine.  And most importantly you’ll have tons of fun.


The Insanity fitness program put Beachbody on the map and showed that even pro athletes would be sweating and sore by the end of this workout. It’s centered on max interval training to keep your body pushed to its max performance throughout the entire workout using only your own body weight. The program is designed for 60 days and is dubbed the hardest workout put on a DVD. It delivers mind-blowing results in record time.

3. P90

This gateway program is excellent for those wanting to get started on their fitness but aren’t looking for the intensity of the P90x program. These simplified workouts are more doable but just as effective for any age or fitness level. The program is divided into three phases and you only advance to the next level once you’ve masted the necessary moves. You sculpt, sweat and of course finish off each workout with the famous ab ripper.


This laser focused program gets you ripped with muscle. And now you can perfect weight training from home! No more waiting for equipment at the busy gym. This Dynamic Set Training combines sets, reps, resistance, and short recovery. It even comes with custom meal plans for the 90-day program. Led by a champion builder, this program is awesome for those wanting to trim the fat and load on the chiseled muscle. Unleash the beast!

5. FOCUS T-25

Short on time? Then T-25 might be the perfect fit. It takes the intensity of the Insanity workouts and shaves them down to just 25 minutes a day for 5 days a week. Totally doable. It’s a realistic goal you can stick to, so you’ll see amazing results from the consistent commitment. It’s high intensity cardio, strength training, and core training all in one. You’ll be dripping sweat in minutes and have your workout checked off your list in just 25 minutes. That’s a win-win.


28 Dec 2015

What is a Paralegal?

Paralegals and legal assistants perform legal work and are integral to the criminal justice system.  They support lawyers and can work in any facet of law.  Paralegals are often good communicators, skilled researchers, strong writers, and excellent negotiators.

Paralegals are employed anywhere there is a need for legal work such as:

  • Private law firm
  • District Attorney’s office
  • Legal clinics
  • Private corporations
  • Government agencies
  • Banks
  • Insurance agencies
  • Courts

Paralegals are assigned to tasks based on their level of experience or education. They typically work in support of a lawyer, but often maintain their own caseloads.

Many paralegals are generalists, meaning they perform an array of different responsibilities. But paralegals can also specialize in different facets of law such as litigation, employee benefits, real estate, immigration, medical, government, or corporate. Some specialize in a particular field based on past education or work experience. For example, a person with medical training would be a good fit to handle legal work at a private hospital or health insurance company. Paralegals can also serve as counselors and advocates to their clients.

Paralegals have a large range of responsibilities including:

  • Investigating cases
  • Writing legal arguments
  • Gathering evidence
  • Meeting with clients or witnesses
  • Researching laws and regulations
  • Maintaining office administration tasks
  • Fact-checking
  • Assisting in a trial
  • Filing briefs, appeals, and other legal documents


Paralegals must have at least a certificate in paralegal studies from an accredited program. Certificate programs can be completed in just a few months. However, employers are more opt to hire paralegals with not only a paralegal certificate, but with an associate or bachelor’s degree as well. However, these degrees don’t necessarily have to be focused on legal studies. Internships and other legal work experience are also highly coveted by employers. The National Federation of Paralegal Associations’ 2001 Paralegal Compensation and Benefits Report stated nationwide 25% of all paralegals have an associate degree and 49% have a bachelor’s degree. It also reported that 83% of all paralegals have paralegal training or a certificate in addition to a college degree.

Paralegals are in high demand. Law firms are increasingly hiring more paralegals to streamline efficiency and business expenses to make legal costs affordable for the general population. Jobs are expected to grow 17 percent, faster than the average occupation. There are expected to be more than 46,000 paralegal jobs added in the U.S., according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Salaries for paralegals are substantial and growing. The top 10 percent of paralegals earn a salary of more than $75,000. The National Federation of Paralegal Associations’ 2001 Paralegal Compensation and Benefits Report indicated a high salary of $114,000. The majority of paralegals also have employment benefits of life and health insurance and paid professional dues to maintain standing as a paralegal.

26 Oct 2015

Top 15 Mobile & Tablet Police Apps

As a police officer, you’re on the move and need multiple resources in the field. But you also don’t need to lug around your Encyclopedia-sized book on criminal law. It’s 2015. Start utilizing that mini computer we call a smartphone to get some great work done.

We’ve compiled a list of 15 mobile police apps designed with the needs of police officers in mind. Need a cheat-sheet of Miranda rights? We got it. Want a comprehensive list of the FBI’s Most Wanted?  It’s in here. You can even get live traffic feed and law enforcement stats in real-time. Most of these police apps are free, and the others cost only a few dollars. But you can always ask your department if it would cover the costs. After all, these police apps are tools to streamline work and make you the most efficient officer you can be. Most of the law enforcement apps are available in Android and iPhone/iOS formats, but always check for any changes.


Price: Free to Download

This app connects law enforcement officers to community residents. Officers can only be so many places at once, but this police app encourages civilians to be crime fighters too. More eyes looking out means more safety. More than 200 agencies nation-wide are currently using it to do just that. If your department doesn’t have it yet, suggest it to the administration. Officers with trust-based relationships within the community often produce leads.

Criminal Justice Degree and Programs


Price: Free to Download

Law enforcement is a dangerous job. This app is not only a sobering reminder for officers to stay alert, but also an active community to remember the fallen.  This police app has memorials of more than 21,000 fallen law enforcement officers, and even fellow K9s. You can search by agency, name, local or recent. There is also an active feed of trends in Line of Duty Deaths that highlight cause of death and location. You can also get involved and donate in honor of a fallen officer.

Officer Down Memorial Page


Price: Free to Download

The police code 10-21 means to make a phone call, and that’s exactly what this app does. A police officer can call a citizen from their phone, but their phone number is displayed as a local (not blocked) phone number while using the app. It keeps personal phone numbers private, and is meant to establish a trusting relationship for both citizens and police officers. There are also modifications to request a call back and a quiet notification while off-duty.



Price: Free to Download

This app is the mobile and tablet platform for the Police One news site. There is breaking news, product reviews, safety tips, videos, jobs, news feeds, forums, games, and featured columns. Stay up-to-date on law enforcement information and the latest news.



Price: $2.99 to Download

This police app turns your smartphone into a body video camera. The app records point of view video that is automatically stamped with the time, date, and GPS location. Users can choose different settings of high quality video based on video storage. There is also a tool to add notes to the corresponding video data.



Price: $1.99 to Download

This app can be a game changer for a police officer who needs to identity pills while in the field. The identifier tool shows a picture of the pill, along with the name and physical description.  Users can also input physical descriptions of a pill to search related options. There are also descriptions of proper medication treatment for each drug.



Price: Free to Download

The Field Sobriety Test (FST) app assists police officers with DUI investigations in the field from the initial observations to filing the report. The observation section features the suspects’ name, signs of intoxication, location, the date, the time, and the ability to describe this information via text or audio. There are more than 20 pre-field sobriety test questions to ask the suspect and a series of field-sobriety tests, each with a note section to record more detailed information. The app also assists the officer with the arrest and report of the suspect.



Price: $5.99 to Download

This cop app is an entire comprehensive guide for law enforcement with more than 2,000 pages of information. It might seem overwhelming but the articles and tools are efficiently organized and user-friendly. It has near-perfect reviews. Features include DEA chemical list, case laws, training articles, pill identifier, work calendar, GPS-stamped photos, accident investigation formulas and live RSS feeds of law enforcement news.

US Cop


Price: Free to Download

Police officers are often present at emergency situations. Medical first responders might not yet have arrived or may be busy treating a different patient. This first aid app is a good tool for police to aid in everyday first aid scenarios. There are videos and animations to guide through common first aid situations such as burns, choking, CPR, broken bones, and bleeding. There are also safety tips for emergencies such as tornados and earthquakes. Most importantly, all content is pre-loaded into the app so you don’t need reception or an Internet connection to access it.



Price: $6.99 to Download

Spanish is the most spoken non-English language in the U.S., even among non-Hispanics, according to this study by the Pew Research Center. So odds are you’ll meet many Spanish speakers in your community, especially if you’re working at a department in the Southwest. This police app has translations specifically targeted to phrases and vocabulary you’ll need in a law enforcement setting. Some examples are expressions for arrests, drug or alcohol use and interview questions. There’s also an audio help tool that shows you how to pronounce the Spanish translation.

Spanish for Patrol Officers


Price: $12.00 per Month

This app was started by police officers and is used as a mobile evidence collection app for law enforcement. Officers can collect audio, video, photos, and notes in the field and seamlessly upload it to the cloud. All information stored on the cloud is secure with 256 bit encryption. If integrated with an entire police department, this case data information can also be shared with different officers and departments.



Price: $9.99 to Download

Keep track of your weapons training with this ballistics calculator. There are saved profiles of each firearm you use, so you know how to improve your shots. This police app measures ammo, look angle, move speed, atmosphere, spin drift, and even Coriolis Effect.  There are extensive maps and data on your ammunition and firearms to give you the best shooting chance.



Price: Free to Download

This popular app has been downloaded more than 1 million times and is the the mobile app for TheLaw.com.  The app has free legal advice, case reviews, articles, and free legal forms. It’s an extensive database with 600 abbreviations and 14,000 legal entries. All the information is within the app so no Internet connection is required. There is also a directory to find attorneys and lawyers based on location and the ability to search a question within the app.



Price: Based on Department Size

This app is is not only designed with police in mind, but also for firefighters, emergency medical staff, and all first responders. It features an interactive map of a designated area that shows information such as locations of 911 calls, sex offenders, fire hydrants, building pre plans, hazardous materials, crimes, and accidents. It can show weather conditions, road and marine traffic, wildfires, and real time locations of first responder vehicles. Users can send messages with videos, photos, and text to predetermined groups. There is also a public interactivity feature that sources feeds from Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr that surround a geographical location. PublicEye integrates with existing CAD/RMS systems and is meant to be purchased at a department level.



Price: Free to Download

This particular app is included with a purchase of a mount that connects any smartphone to any firearm, but you can also download it for free anytime. It allows your smartphone to used on the field or in a range. This tactical app measure shooting performance and shows data on how to improve. For example, it features recorded video, zoom, GPS location, reticle library, custom ammo library, strobe, flashlight, and compass direction. There is a heads up display to safely shoot around corners. The latest version even integrates thermal night vision with the ability to toggle back and forth between night and day vision in a single tap.


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